The Investigations Division of the Collin County Criminal District Attorney’s Office is staffed by twenty-four criminal investigators, two of whom are also supervisors.  Each investigator is experienced and commissioned as a peace officer within the State of Texas.  Many have been trained in specific job-related specialties such as fingerprint comparison, handwriting analysis, computer forensics, and fraud detection.  Many are licensed instructors in law enforcement subjects such as firearms, investigation procedures, management, and supervision.

The criminal investigators are assigned to a trial team or specialized division within the District Attorney’s Office.  An investigator’s primary duty is to support his or her designated trial team or specialized division in the prosecution of criminal cases.  Some investigators also help local business owners and other individuals recover financial losses from the passing of fraudulent checks.  On a daily basis, the investigators work with representatives from local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to fight crime and protect the citizens of Collin County.

Kim Pickrell, Chief Investigator, joined the Collin County Criminal District Attorney’s Office in 2006 and formerly served as a felony investigator in the Family Justice Division, Child/Adult Protection Section. In 1997, Investigator Pickrell joined the Collin County Sheriff’s Office, where she served as a detention officer. She was then promoted to Sergeant in 2001 and attended the Basic Peace Officer Academy in July 2002. Investigator Pickrell has instructor certificates in basic police, PPCT defensive tactics, and PPCT Escape and Evasion. She is a member of the Collin County Crime Victim’s Council and Emergency Response Team. Investigator Pickrell holds Texas licenses as a jailer and peace officer.

Kim Pickrell, Chief Investigator – Ext. 3617;

Keith Henslee, Deputy Chief Investigator – Ext. 4289;

Collin County Criminal District Attorney Investigators

Below is an alphabetical list of current District Attorney Investigators and their assignments and telephone extension numbers.

Sarah Arizpe – County Court at Law No. 6 – Ext. 4346
Mike Bennett – 401st District Court – Ext. 4371
Gregory Bowers – Crimes Against Children – Ext. 3635
Bobby Chacon – Family Justice – Juvenile – Ext. 4288
Jared Clark – Family Justice – Child/Adult Protection – Ext.3618
Michael Coleman – 416th District Court – Ext. 4343
Laurie Gibbs – Special Prosecution – Ext. 3626
Jennifer Gomez – County Court at Law No. 2 – Ext. 4729
Ryan Harvey – 296th District Court – Ext. 3617
Danny Hartschuh – County Court at Law No. 1 – Ext. 4295
Keith Henslee – Deputy Chief – Ext. 4289
Robert Hinton – County Court at Law No. 4 – Ext. 3619
Jon Hooper – 219th District Court – Ext. 4387
Robin Laughon – Domestic Violence and Protective Orders – Ext. 3631
Matt Mayes – Hot Check – Ext. 4375
Kenny Newton – 380th District Court – Ext. 4327
Samantha Selman – County Court at Law No. 5  – Ext. 4348
Mike Owens – County Court at Law No. 7 – Ext. 3694
Oscar Perez – County Court at Law No. 3 – Ext. 4389
Kim Pickrell – Chief – Ext. 4359
Chad Smith – Family Justice – Child/Adult Protection – Ext. 4794
Mike Smith – 199th District Court – Ext. 4416
Stephanie Strickland – 366th District Court – Ext. 3614
Kim Voigt-Eanes – Crimes Against Children – Ext. 4344