Pursuing Justice and Protecting Our Community—this is the mission of Collin County Criminal District Attorney Greg Willis.  Fighting and prosecuting crime in a fearless, just and ethical manner, not only makes our communities safer, it does so in a way that honors our Constitution and our heritage.

As Criminal District Attorney, Greg Willis believes his duty is to seek justice first and foremost.  He believes our citizens deserve a criminal justice system of the highest integrity.  Achieving that requires many things:  Utter respect for our Constitution, professional training, dogged preparation, respect for witnesses, concern for victims, and candor to the court and public.  It also requires highly trained law enforcement, and open lines of communication between the Office and our police agencies and officers.  To accomplish his mission of fearless, just, and ethical prosecution, Willis staffed the Office with highly respected lawyers, investigators, and staff.  Indeed, the Collin County District Attorney’s Office is a place where professionalism, teamwork, skills training, fairness, and candor are not only expected, they are required.

Greg Willis is determined to run a professional and honorable district attorney’s office; one that will maintain a focus on justice and safety while also managing the logistical challenges of Collin County’s meteoric growth.  This once small, quiet community is now one of the fastest growing counties in Texas and the United States, with 2010 population estimates exceeding 800,000.  In November 2010, desiring a leader not just for today but also for the years of growth ahead, Collin County residents overwhelmingly elected Greg Willis to serve as their Criminal District Attorney.

Criminal District Attorney Greg Willis is grateful to serve the people of Collin County.  As he himself expressed in his victory speech:  “To all whose sacrifices have made possible a system of justice that, though far from perfect, still stands head and shoulders above the rest of the world. Thank you for believing in our country, for understanding that our freedoms are not free, and for making the personal sacrifices to ensure Collin County represents the very best of the Rule of Law and, by extension, the very best of America.”