The Administration Division handles all administrative duties and serves to support the Criminal District Attorney, the First Assistant District Attorney, and the Chief Investigator.

This Division is responsible for all aspects of the financial operations of the office, as well as the administration of its budget and inventory.  The Administrative Office Manager is in charge of this Division and is responsible for all employee time records and other personnel matters, including the keeping of files and records of each employee.  All official travel and accommodations for employees, witnesses, and others, including payment and reimbursement, are administered by this Division. Training, continuing education, and assignments for all secretaries and support staff are administered by this Division and supervised under the direction of the Administrative Office Manager.

Bill Wirskye – Ext. 3883;
Della Bryant – Ext.
Evelyn Rutherford – Ext.
Misti Bilderback – Ext.
Kim Alvarado – Ext. 4768;
Sherry Langford – Ext. 4323;

Bill Wirskye serves as the First Assistant District Attorney.

Della Bryant serves as Executive Assistant to District Attorney Greg Willis and administratively manages his office.  Ms. Bryant is largely responsible for budgeting and the other financial operations of the District Attorney’s office.  She also supervises the Victims Assistance Division, administrative staff and secretaries.

Evelyn Rutherford serves as Administrative Secretary and supports the Administrative Manager in daily functions within the office.

Misti Bilderback serves as the District Attorney’s Functional Analyst.  Ms. Bilderback has an extensive knowledge of Odyssey and the District Clerk’s system that allows her to excel in her current position.

Kim Alvarado serves as Program Coordinator in charge of the DA’s Citizen Prosecutor Academy and Intern Program.  Ms. Alvarado supports the Administrative Manager and is responsible for various administrative projects.

Sherry Langford serves as Receptionist and Director of First Impressions.