Felony Trial

The Collin County Criminal District Attorney’s Office Felony Trial Division has seven trial teams, each consisting of two experienced felony trial attorneys, one felony investigator, and a legal secretary.  A chief felony prosecutor supervises each team.  A felony offense is any offense for which the punishment set by law is confinement in a state jail facility or the state penitentiary or, in the case of a capital murder, death.  All felony cases are prosecuted in the district courts of Collin County.

Felony trial team responsibilities include evaluating new cases, contacting victims of crime, determining the proper plea bargain recommendations, preparing cases for trial, and representing the State of Texas in all criminal hearings and trials conducted in the district courts.  Cases are disposed of by trials before a jury, trials before a court without a jury, or agreed plea agreements.

Felony trial teams work daily with local, state, and federal law enforcement officials, as well as the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, to share information and to prepare cases for successful prosecution.